3 Reasons To Just Go For It!


You guys can I share something exciting with you? Okay, thanks. I will! This blog is really the best thing I could have done for myself. At first, it was for a creative outlet because I love to write and take photographs, but it's become so much more than that, and I couldn't be happier.

I started this blog three years ago, and it's grown so much since then. We've published two books, hosted reading events and helped many aspiring museum professionals. Ever moment hasn't been positive. There are some months when my blog doesn't get any interaction, and my sales are low. But I keep going. I've said this before, and I'll say it again…I couldn't imagine life without this platform. 

Three years ago, I constantly debated whether I should create this blog and business. Eventually, I stopped debating, and I just went for it. Going for it has been my motto for the past three years. I wanted to publish books that would inspire people, so I did. I wanted to dress up as historical figures to teach History, so I did, and now I want to paint and refurbish furniture to give it a new life, so I am (hence the overalls).

My point is if there's something positive in your life that you can't stop thinking about, then that means it's time for you to act on it.

Here are three reasons why you should go for it!

1. There's never a perfect time to start.: I started my blog during the pandemic. Oddly, it was the only time in my life that I was granted the space and time to see how creative I was. Your duckies will never be in perfect order, so stop wasting time and start now!
2. If you don't try, you will always wonder, "What if.": Who wants to live a life of regret? I don't, and I'm sure you don't either. The thing about time and life is that it won't wait for you, and the clock will keep ticking. Do you want to look up three years from now and wonder how things would have turned out if I started three years ago? Do a little each day; it adds up. 
3. You're capable of more than you think: We can be our worst critics and even self-sabotage our goals and dreams. Get out of your head and do what you think you can't do. If you're afraid that people will judge, I'm here to tell you; they will judge and talk, but who cares. When you're brave, the universe rewards youmaybe not immediately, but fortune favors the brave. 
Cheers to three years and many, many more to come! Who knows what's next with my "just go for it" mindset?
Thanks for being here to see it!




  • DeAundria Harrison

    I love this! It’s very inspiring to others. Keep going!!

  • Ebony Williams

    Congratulations on taking a chance on you! This inspired me, thank you!

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