"We are grateful to have multiple dynamic museum professionals among our BlackFemaleProject network. Through them we know that navigating the museum industry as a Black woman is complex. Attend this event to gather with other museum professionals, compare notes, and explore strategies and resources to support you along your journey."
"There are many people who claim to be students of history but when it comes to documenting history there’s only a few people we trust and our guest today Tellie Simpson returns to talk about the importance of documenting your family history, how she she’s moving beyond the museum, and how you can begin today to elevate everyone around you by becoming the family historian."
"Quanice sits down with Tellie Simpson to discuss grown ass adults destroying students’ art because they felt “attacked”, archiving family history, and “taking our talents back to south beach”…. all while drinking wine!!"
"Our history is told in many different ways. We wondered how is our history being told through the medium of museums? With a question like this there is only one person we know to call and that’s @agirlinamuseumworld who has built a brand on this very topic from her experience working in the museum space."


 An interview with Voyage Magazine Baltimore. "Get to know the brand a little more and what sparked the history bug."


An interview with The Baltimore Times Newspaper. “This project is dedicated to every door that was closed,” said Simpson. “I wanted every page of this book to be impactful.”


An Interview with CanvasRebel Magazine.

"I invested a lot of time and education in pursuing my museum career...It was not until 2020 that I was able to get a break from pouring so much into my job and start pouring into myself. That year was rough for us all, but it was the first time in my life that I was to take a break and figure out what I truly wanted in life."