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Baltimore really is the greatest city. That statement is super weird coming from me since I couldn't wait to leave Baltimore. But as "they" say, "you don't know what you have till it's gone." I didn't realize how great the city was until I became a tourist in my city, which I actually encourage everyone to do. Take the time to go out and explore your city. Visiting historical sites, eating at local and small restaurants conjures up that long lost appreciation and love for one's city.

It's no secret I was in Baltimore for the holiday. While there, I vlogged and took a stroll in downtown harbor. The views and the chilly breeze helped me reflect on that long lost love for my city. I wish more people knew what Baltimore has to offer. Us Baltimoreans are more than what the world has credited us. We do love crabs and Old bay seasoning, but we offer so much more! If you ever wanted to know the history behind the “Greatest City In America” benches, Click Here

Check out this guide to my city. We have a lot of charm, history, and AMAZING food!



  • The Blue Moon Cafe. Order the Sweet Baby Jesus or the Captain Crunch French toast.
  • Water For Chocolate. A black-owned restaurant that offers great customer service and breakfasts! 
  • Dovecote Cafe has an aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Spoons. Everything is good here! 


  • Papi Cuisine..EVERYTHING on the menu is great. Look at this bomb photo of my lunch!
  • Taste This. It doesn’t matter what you order from here, it’s all amazing! 
  • Howard Deli for a small quick bite to eat.


  • Mount Vernon Market Place. Specifically Cholitas tacos. The Burritos are to die for. 
  • If you’re in a sushi mood, Minato Sushi Bar will hit the spot. 
  • Koko’s Pub. Just get the crab cake. You’ll thank me later. This is a bar scene by the way. 
  • If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, make  reservations at the Bygone. 


  • The Bromo Selzter Tower. You get to walk around the inside of an early 1900s clock. Freaking Cool! 
  • Doors Open: This organization opens the doors to their historic sites once a year. 
  • The Washington Monument offers great views once you get to the top and the Mount Vernon area has a relaxing scenery. 
  • The National Great Blacks In wax Museum is a must! 


Check out my Trip to Baltimore! 

Have you ever visited Baltimore?  


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