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I had a Sunday filled with art, wine, and banana pudding. South Carolina hosted an art festival that was full of local artists and designers. Although I love being home, I had to venture out to support the local artists in the area. The event had the cutest name ever; The Mad Hatter Art Party. It was a good time, with good vibes  and did I mention the banana pudding? Lol. Check out the pastry chef of the bomb desserts. 

It’s important to support local artists. They add more than pretty murals and sculptures to our neighborhoods, Local artists give you a true insight to the community. I truly love talking to local artists and  hearing their stories. Learning about their techniques and purchasing their work is one of favorite pass times, next to visiting museums. But, it’s not just about purchasing their work and hanging it on the wall. EXPOSURE MATTERS! EXPOSURE IS IMPORTANT! You can support local artists by brining awareness to his/her work. 

I had a great time talking to all the artists. Some of their work has found a lovely home on my walls or in my jewelry box. Below are a few of my favs! Don’t miss those pink underlined hyperlinks to learn more about the artist and their work.

1st stop, Mr. Rapheal

Rapheal booth was actually my second stop, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the lady with the Afro (soooo predictable, right?) Well, Rapheal told me that particular piece has been in his portfolio for about a year, and he just decided to bring it to today’s festival. Can we say it was meant to be?
I snatched her up so fast. To make her pop even more, she’ll be hanging in a red frame as Rapheal suggested. He can be contacted vie email, (

Mrs. Gail Jennings

Too Hip For Hollywood, But Just Right For You.” With a slogan like that, of course, I’m going to stop and have a look. Mrs. Jennings and her husband were wonderful to chat with. Her earrings are made with pictures during her time at ABC television network in Hollywood. I loved them all, but I settled on the vintage-looking clock. Here’s her website.


It was the colors for me. DaDreamsDesigns booth was full of color and flavor. “The Queen” piece kept calling my name, so I had to pick it up from my collection and snap a photo with the artist. :) Check out his Instagram for more.


I felt recharged speaking with the artists. Chatting with like-minded individuals is always refreshing.
If there is ever an art festival in your city, stop by!

Remember, when you support a local artist or a small business, you’re supporting a dream.

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