Five Ways To Get Involved With Activism


Protesting is not the only way to get involved with activism. If everyone is out fighting the war, who will document the cause? Different movements have erupted throughout the world calling out police brutality and racial profiling, showing us that there is no one way to contribute to the movement. More importantly, these different acts of activism show us that there isn't a wrong way to fight against racism. 

Advocacy is a fight that can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul. You must protect yourself as you're fighting the battle. I aim to get my message across without hurting myself in the process, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

So here's a list of ways to contribute to the movement, outside of protesting: 

 1. Create A Campaign.

There are many social and political movements that can use some recognition. Creating a campaign to share on social media is a great way to contribute to the movement. This is a method where graphic design and photography come in handy. Creating eye-catching graphics to coincide with the campaign will draw folks into your mission. Using blogs and social media like Instagram are great ways to get the message out. 

2. Raise Money. 

Create a way to exchange a service or product where the proceeds will get donated to a cause. The possibilities are endless in developing great ways to raise money. For example, if you're good at playing an instrument, host a show. If you're an artist, you can host a painting event. 

3. Write Letters. 

If you're good with words, then this strategy is perfect for you. First, try to get more people on board with your mission. The more letters a legislator receives, the more attention and more important the issue becomes. Next, I suggest researching examples on how to properly format your letters.

4. Get Involved With Community Service. 

If there is an issue that you deeply care about, you can see if there're local organizations where you can sign-up to volunteer. Getting involved with the community gives first accounts of the everyday lives of ordinary people. Examples of this can be volunteering at your church, a homeless shelter, food drives, etc. 

5. Educate Others. 

A great example of this strategy is this blog. I can't even count how many emails, direct messages, or comments I've received that mention phrases such as, "I didn't know," or "I had no idea." I am filled with so much joy knowing that folks are walking away more educated and well-informed because of A Girl In A Museum World

I prefer writing versus speaking at large public events. I love writing because I can take my time and layout a plan to get my message across. Sometimes, when I talk about history, I can get extremely passionate and I can I'll end up looking like this meme.

Comfortably educate others with a method that will ensure the message is  getting received. 

I hope you found some of these methods helpful. 


Every effort matters in the fight against bigotry.

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