Stepping Out To Make Space

Can you imagine a world without museums? Can you picture life without getting a dose of art, history, and culture from your local museum? I never thought that would be possible until 2020. I know we’ve tried to push 2020 out of our minds as much as possible, but the fact is what happened that year was historic. I think society reached levels of enlightenment that may have never been reached, and it’s sad to say that the pandemic brought that about. 

So back to that frightening thought that I’ve placed in your head; life without museums. Sometimes I forget how therapeutic visiting museums can be; my job can sometimes cloud that. Since the pandemic, many creatives have started small businesses and many other platforms that allow us  to connect with art right at our fingertips. Today’s blog will feature a one of those platforms. Sugarwater Collextive was created during a time of solitude and creative enlightenment and founded by a team of BIPOC individuals with the same mission. 

Traka Lopez-white, is one of the Co-founders and Executive Director  of Sugawater Collextive. If you follow this blog, then you remember that name from my Shifting the Paradigm blog post. We featured Traka for her thoughts on navigating the museum world as an Afro-Latina. Since then, Lopez has been busy building a website where creatives can share, connect, reflect and be themselves as creative beings. 


What’s the mission behind this organization? 

Sugawater Collextive is dedicated to the BIPOC Community that aims to build and cultivate art-based [digital + physical] towards advancing marginalized individuals in the arts. Reclaiming and empowering  contemporary creatives in BIPOC communities globally.

We will provide access to professional development tools, and resources including funding opportunities, online professional development workshops, health and wellness support,  art marketplace, consultations, online publications opportunities, print publications, educational resources, marketing support, advertisement services, a digital media platform that is centered in the arts and humanities of BIPOC communities that bonds BIPOC owned institutions, organizations, businesses, and universities (HBCUs and TCUs) culture and art-related programs.”

What I love about Sugawater Collextive is that it allows you to immerse yourself with art without having to leave your home. Yet, it inspires you to go out and explore art firsthand. A platform like this is needed in the Art and Museum world. It’s no secret that the current climate of the art world lacks diversity and inclusion. Sugawater Collextive is an example of creating a lane for you and others to grow as a collective. 

Here’s the team behind the magic: 

Suheid - @modeled_forms , Co-Founder, Executive Director, Senior Curator & Community Liaison

Josh - @Joshmckn2 , Art & Innovation Developer Director

Savannah - @slbryant_ , Department Scholar Chair and Editor in Chief

Mint - @mintzhet , Director of Digital Engagement

Traka gave me a behind the scenes look at the website to get a glimpse at what her and the team are working on. I'm looking forward to what's to come!

Be on the lookout for what’s coming soon from this art collective. You can sign up for their updates here

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