Vintage Style On A Budget

Today was the best day ever. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint. It had something to do with my outfit. I finally decided to start dressing the way I aspire. To some, it may seem like a no-brainer to dress how you want, but the style I desire is on the vintage side, which requires a little more planning. I was unmotivated to do so at first due to the price tag that I THOUGHT was attached to vintage fashion. But with a bit of research, anything is possible. 


Here are some tips to start building your vintage wardrobe on a budget: 

1. Go Thrifting 

I started thrifting with my grandparents at a very young age. But it was for objects, never for clothes. I didn't start venturing to the clothing section till about 4 or 5 years ago and I've never looked back. Keep an eye out for discount days. The brown belt featured in today's post was snagged for 80 cents on a discounted day versus $2. 

2. Shop On Amazon 

Surprisingly, but not really surprising since Amazon has everything. You can snag vintage-inspired clothing on there. Here is the link to the skirt featured in today's post. Buy pieces one at time instead of removing a large chunk from your account. I mean, unless you got it like that! Do you BooBoo!!❤️

It took me about 2 months to gather every piece for this desired look. I had to stalk a few pieces because they were sold out. But I signed up for restock notifications and purchased every piece to complete my look. For example, My oxfords were sold out for a while, but as soon the restock notification hit my inbox, I snagged them as soon as I could. Shoutout to my mom for letting me borrow the backpack. Here's a similar one.

3. eBay Is The Best Way

Now, if you're looking for some authentic vintage clothing, then I would suggest eBay. There are a ton of buyers selling or reselling original vintage clothing that either belonged to toothier grandparents or it's from their collection. Either way, you can snag some great treasures on eBay. Vixen By Michelin Pitt has gorgeous pieces on the more expensive side. But it’s good to invest in statement pieces. 



4. Make The Clothes Yourself. 


I think I've reached that age where the "traditional domestic traits" are starting to kick in. I want to start sewing and learn how to make my clothing. These are the first few patterns that I want to try. They are beginner friendly and definitely my style. Plus, collecting the sewing patterns would make for a cool collection. The video below shows a rare collection of vintage patterns featuring African American models. 


I came across some history on Willi Smith (February 29, 1948 – April 17, 1987), a prominent and liberated fashion designer who showcased African Americans in an industry that often kept them out. Here's a great website that goes in depth about his life, and here's a link to an exhibition that chronicles his fashion career. 

5. Have Fun With It

When I first embarked on this journey. I wanted everything to be perfect. I tried to mimic the outfits from the 40s and 50s precisely. I was stressing myself out trying to find the right shade of brown or the perfect knit sweater. I had to stop and remind myself that:

1. You're not going to find the same that exact sweater in the photos you’ve researched because they probably don't make it anymore.(Silly Me!)

2. If I'm trying to mimic what I see, then I'm not being true to myself and creating my identity; I'm simply re-doing what I see.

Dressing with a vintage style is not something I only want to mimic. It's an extension of me that I'm ready to walk into. I must do that by finding my style and flavor, not just wearing what looks right. The style must feel right as well. 

For my first attempt I think I did pretty well. What do you think?  

Here are some accounts to follow for more inspiration when trying to find your vintage flare. Serena,I love her instagram and style. Ayana, from The Vintage Guide Book. She is the inspiration behind me finding my fashion flare. April4U Youtube channel is full of history and fashion. 




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    Tellie, I love-loved this post. I could you not love vintage styles! I too love thrifting! Keep up the great work!

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    Beautiful photos, and a great read. Thanks for sharing.
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