Vintage Toys That Will Make You Say WTH

It's almost Christmas!! I'm sure I've mentioned that this is my favorite time of the year a few times; either on the blog, my newsletter, or on Instagram. Nevertheless, this time of the year brings out my inner child. I even walk down the toy aisle every once in a while to get those nostalgic feels.
Two A. C. Williams painted cast iron still banks, Estimate bid at $200
Another random thing I do every once in a while is browse online auctions. I came across an auction for some pretty bizarre toys for sale. The auction has ended, but maybe the collection of toys can give you some ideas for next year's gifts for the kids.
Honestly, I hope not. Some of the toys are racist AF, and it always surprises me what was once deemed entertaining. Some of these toys would have made great gifts for the collector in your family. 
Painted metal deep sea diver figure. Estimate bid $400
Nevertheless, history is history. There are some good portions and some bad. But it all matters. These toys give us a glimpse of the ignorant stereotypes from "elite" society and other negative perceptions of different cultures that society once deemed to be true. 
Lehmann tin lithograph clockwork. Estimate bid $1,000
Colonialist doll.  Estimate bid $2,500. 

French papeterie (Stationary) play set. Estimate bid  $300. 

Clockwork dancing black Americana figures. Estimate bid $400.

Safari accessories. Estimate bid $200.

 Rare Georg Levy clockwork thaumatrope, Estimate bid $200. 

Unusual Mickey Mouse cloth doll. Estimate bid 4700. 

Unusual German composition and wood man riding an alligator. Estimate bid $400.

Marx tin lithograph wind-up Amos 'N' Andy Fresh Air Taxi. Estimate bid $300. 


I must admit that some of the toys would be great pieces to collect. But I can not help getting triggered and annoyed to know that children once played with items that depicted others in such an inadequate light. 

View the entire lot of antiques here

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