The Importance of Digitization

Organizing and digitizing old boxes of photos is on most people's to-do lists. But most people never get around to it. That's where I come in. I offer personal organization and digitization to those who don't have the time or strategy to go through boxes full of photographs and other family treasures. 

My e-book gives a 101 guide to tackling your collection. But my collections consultation offers in-person one-on-one sessions to make your collection easier to go through and easier to share with family and friends with digitized images. 


Here are four reasons why digitizing your collection is essential and helpful. 
  1. Preservation. Distant members of my family experienced a devastating fire that destroyed the entire house along with every piece of family history. I wish the photos and documents were preserved by saving them on a cloud-based platform. 
  2. Inspires Creativity. The possibilities are endless when you have a digital version of something. For example, you can create a family photo book and a slideshow, which I offer in my consultations
  3. Less Clutter. You can always get rid of the physical photos after digitizing the images. Although, I don't recommend this. It's always nice to have something tangible to look back on, which leads me to the next and last reason. 
  4. Better Organization. Before your photos and documents are digitized, they should be sorted and organized by year, month, subject, etc. You can layout your collection to tell a more comprehensive narrative this way. Using the proper storage supplies will make looking back on your collection more efficient. 

I’ll be headed out to coffee shops, community centers, and churches to pass out flyers in my area to help spread the word about this services. If you know someone that could benefit from this, then please pass my information along. 

I'm sure you're ready to get your collection in order and digitized now. Send me an email to set up a consultation call. 

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