Sip On That: Historic Cocktail Recipes


Would you believe me if I told you that I have no idea how I ventured down a rabbit hole of vintage cocktail recipes? I remember googling 'different cocktail recipes for the new year,' and the rest was history.

I stumbled upon a website that has digitized an extensive collection of vintage cocktail books dating from the 1820s to the 1940s. I've included the link for each book displayed below; I highly recommend clicking the link to flip through the books to enjoy the lovely illustrations and explore the different recipes.

The website has collections from all over the world. The books featured below are from the U.S collections, but I suggest you check out the other countries as well. I also came across some bar books by Black authors. So this was a good internet rabbit hole day.

Jerry Thomas, The Bartenders Guy, 1876.

View the inside of the book here

 The Modern Bartenders Guide, 1884.

View the inside of the book here

Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages, 1896. 

View the inside of the book here

Angostura Recipes, 1896. 

 View inside of book here

 Irvin's S Cobb's Own Recipe Book, 1934. 

View inside of book here.

Cocktail Books By Black Authors 


Drink: The Ultimate Cocktail Book by 

Kurt Maitland


The Ideal Bartender, 1917 by 

Tom Bullock 


Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails by 

Shannon Mustipher 


Happy New Year and I hope you achieve everything your heart desires!

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