She Just Decided To Believe In Herself...

This blog post has been on my heart for a few days. I contemplated writing a more educational post, but sometimes I simply want to write how I feel, and this post does just that.

I hope it inspires you to be the best version of yourself, despite the difficulties and challenges brought in 2020.

Walk-in your purpose and fulfill your dreams. That statement sounded extremely cliche, and like a line from a rehearsed self-help book, but it holds so much value and truth. Whatever your interest is/are, turn that/them into a passion. Find what you're good at and stick with it, and when I say go hard and conquer it to the fullest. I mean that in my best Ice Cube gangster voice.

It doesn't matter if society views your interest or passion as weird and not a money-making career. Pursue it. If I could speak to that ten-year-old version of myself, who was featured in a Baltimore Sun article in 2004, I would tell her to keep pushing and don't change your interest because they are "untraditional." “Untraditional” means uniquely beautiful. I would have saved myself from a lot of self-doubt, if I learned this sooner. Nevertheless, I pressed on despite the subliminal, intentional, and deliberate discouragement from society. 

Choosing happiness over money is ok. Choosing to pursue a cultural arts career over a "guaranteed" higher-income job is ok. If you choose the social arts route, mentally prepare yourself to work a little harder and don't expect to be rolling in the cash. You'll still travel or do the things you want; just don't expect a luxurious lifestyle. 

What prevails overall is your mental peace. Since most of us do have a 9-5, meaning the majority of our time is spent at an institution, you should at least try to spend most of that time doing something you'll enjoy.

Here comes another cliche quote...When your passion is your job, it doesn't always feel like work. Only about 27% percent of graduates work in their related fields. I’m not saying those folks are not happy, but I do know what it feels like to think your academic career and student debt was for nothing. To have that feeling voided is something I wish more people could experience. 

Now, of course, most of us..well at least I would rather spend most of my time relaxing on an island, or a hot tub, but that's not my reality. However, my reality isn't too shabby since I'm walking and thriving in my purpose. I like old stuff, and I get to hang out with it all day. 

When you walk and thrive in your purpose, things greater than what you anticipated or planned begin to happen. For example, A Girl In A Museum World grew out of me fully walking in my purpose. I literally only wanted to work with historical objects. That was it, you guys. I wanted to be in my little museum world, go home, travel a lil bit, and repeat, but specific experiences have shown me that an African American in my line of work can not be condensed to just going to work and then going home. I am just realizing and really accepting the positive affect I have by simply deciding to follow my “untraditional” passion. 

I often downplay what I do, and ultimately downplay myself. Being able to work in the field that I've worked ever so hard to achieve is a significant accomplishment. I’m popping! 
I'm popping because I can honestly say I'm happy, and I love what I do. Having happiness and peace in your life are things that should be spoken with the most confidence. I am truly thankful to have the passion for what I do, and my family's never-ending encouragement to thrive in all of my "weird" interests. 

So if you can, chase your dreams. Yes, things are shitty right now. Sadly, shitty things always happen. Still, try to thrive in 2020; the best way you can!

Have the courage and perseverance to push through, and when you speak of yourself, speak in the highest regard.

Take a chance on the truth because you don't know how things will turn out, and you might be surprised that you could have been doing it all along!

Creating A Girl In A Museum World was the light I needed in 2020. What can you do to turn your 2020 around? 


  • Tellie

    Ms. Anetra Adams…The most supportive woman I know!

  • Anetra Adams

    Great read! Lol and of course we’re gonna support you and all of your weird wonderful interest :)
    And keep on shining💜

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