Revamp Your Workspace

The headquarters of A Girl In A Museum World was in severe need of a makeover. My previous workspace was small, not coordinated, and it was becoming uninspiring. I had a crazy idea to invest little money as possible in my current workspace because I dream of creating an Indiana Jones inspired study one day.

That dream will happen, but for now, I must invest a little more into my workstation to benefit my posture. Plus, a great workspace is great for my consultations calls and motivation. I usually bury myself in a cafe or Panera Bread. But when I am home, I love working at my desk. 

 Check out the before and after. 

It was time for a redo.

First, I based the feel and theme of my desired look on three prints. Next, I printed them out and purchased the frames from dollar tree. While I was there, I bought the flowers, vase, and the gold tray under my printer.

Then, I was on the hunt for a desk. I went to my handy dandy search engine, YouTube. I searched for an affordable and durable desk. The Mainstays desk from Walmart was the winner!

Fortunately, my local Walmart had the desk in stock. I also purchased the storage bins and green seat cushions from Walmart. I previously owned the storage unit and a few other items. The brown file holder is from Target. The white monitor riser that holds my printer was thirteen dollars from Ross. The gold pencil holder was one dollar from Roses, a discount store.

I was going for a bohemian-plant mom vibe on a budget. The total came up to $143.65. I love my new workspace. I’m writing this post at the new headquarters right now!

I suggest looking outside the box when searching for affordable furniture. Do not forget about your local thrift store and salvational army. You can find a lot of hidden treasures if you have the right eye.


Create a space with good energy and good vibes for prosperity. 


  • Anonymous

    Thank ya! And thanks for motivating to stop pushing this project to the side!!

  • Anetra Adams

    Love the new look!
    Your space definitely affects your energy.
    Awesome revamp!

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