Podcasts Recommendations for Museum & Art Lovers

Ok, so I’m actually kind of late to the world of podcasts. I joined the podcast gang in 2019. The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones is what got me hooked. Since then, I’ve come across many podcasts ranging from homegirl vibes to Murder, History, etc. My podcast mood comes and goes. My mood for tingly brain conversations was full-blown this week, and I was in the zone for Art/Museum topics.  

Here are my top 6 Art and Museum related podcasts. These podcast are entertaining, with great conversations to get your brain cells ticking.
1. Studio Noize
Artist and printmaker Jamaal Barber talk with black artists about their art processes and their lives. He also dives into his grad school journey, which I've been relating to.-Highly recommend! The intro music is FIRE!
2. Black Arts Admin B*tch 
“Join Quanice and her guests as they highlight artists and arts leaders of color in the performing and visual arts world, and interrogate systemic and institutional issues of equity in the arts from a decolonizing framework. We don't have time for any more games.”- I love the realness of this show. I find myself  snapping my fingers, saying “yass honey” while listening to these conservations. 
3. Museopunks
“A podcast for the progressive museum.”-My favorite episode is Digitization is not neutral. Get into guys! 
4. TED Talks Art
Artists, designers, curators and art lovers share their work, their process and their vision-I’m inspired by the courage these presenters have. Check out the episode “Museums should honor the everyday, not just the extraordinary.”
5. Hyperallergic 
Hrag Vartanian host weekly conversations about art, art news, and developments,-A safe and concise platform for art and museum topics.
6. Decolonization In Action 
interrogates how people are challenging the legacies of colonialism through art, activism, and knowledge especially as people advocate for reparations, restitution, and repair.”- Love the topics of this podcast! 

“Do you have a favorite podcast you think I should check out? 

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