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We celebrate turning 21 in society, so why not celebrate it in the digital world as well? Today marks my 21st blog post, and boy, do I feel old. Just kidding, but I have learned a lot during these 21 posts. I’ll share the top four things I’ve learned on this blogging journey, along with some resources I use for success. One of my posts got over 50 hits in a day. To some, that may not seem like a lot, but I’ll take that since I’m such a newbie in the game. This post might be  21 (a full adult). HURRAY!! All of us over the age of 21 know that 21 is still a baby...kind of. With that being said, I don’t know it all, and I’m still learning. I am simply sharing what has worked, what hasn’t, and what I’ve learned. I love myself because I am highly educated, yet I am still willing and eager to learn from anyone. I hope you can or have learned something on this journey to 21. 


21 blog posts have shown me that...

  1. People are not nice. Every comment or email is not always positive. I have dealt with racism and nasty comments. But, I push through by not focusing on the negativity. I’ll revisit a positive email, message, or comment to remind me of my WHY. Revisiting the positive comments give me the inspiration to push on. I appreciate every person that takes the time to visit my blog. 
  2. People prefer entertainment versus inspiration. I’ve noticed that my historical blog posts get the most hits, comments, and engagements. I believe it’s due to the nice relatable images I’ve attached to the material. My inspirational blogs get the least engagement. However, that does not discourage me not to post them. I have learned that people follow the person behind the blog, so ultimately the content is getting utilized. 
  3. I am totally ok with not being perfect. I make mistakes, and I’ve embarrassed myself in public. Every photoshoot is not done in a secluded area. Most times, I’m in public, and folks are staring at me like I’m a crazy person. One time a lady pulled over to just stop and watch. It was weird. I can understand why they stare and maybe take photos. If you’re having a picnic and you randomly see a person dressed in a Victorian gown  skipping down the street, you would stare too. I am very thankful for these moments; they have really allowed me to come out of my shell a lot more. I am weird, and that’s ok. Me being a nerdy-weirdo makes A Girl In A Museum World fun to manage! 
  4. Selling, networking, and communicating are siblings. You can’t do one without the other. I never thought this platform would be the resource that it is now. When I am genuinely talking about the mission of A Girl In A Museum World, I am unintentionally selling my products and networking with more people. I’ve learned that it’s all connected. 


As promised, here are some resources/tools I use for success: 

  • A business planner. Business related tasks are separate from my personal planner. Keeping it all separated helps a lot. It narrows my focus down. 
  • A business Journal. I only write business-related things in my journal. It helps to have one central place for ideas and thoughts. 
  • Keynote. You can use this to make great graphics and mini videos that you can then use for Instagram and your blog.
  • Collage apps: They save space on your blog, which helps your site from lagging. 
  • YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. You can learn anything and everything from YouTube.


As I stated, I am totally ok with not being perfect and having fun is essential in your small business. My YouTube channel is a platform for unstructured and organic creativity. Check out my first video and others while you’re there. 

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