It’s Designer: Ann Cole Lowe

When was the last time you put on a fancy dress and make-up to strut your stuff in your living room? For me, it was thanksgiving. I felt amazing in my autumn-themed outfit. I put on my best just to stuff my face and chill on the sofa. What you wear does matter, and Ann Cole Lowe designed pieces that mattered to her high-profile clients. Check out the benefits of getting dressed up, down below! 

Who was Ann Cole Lowe (1898-1981)?

    •  Ann Cole Lowe was an American fashion designer and the first African American to become a noted fashion designer.
    • Lowe designed the dress that Jacqueline Bouvier wore when she married Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1953 and all the bridal party's dresses.
    • Lowe's designs were favored by high society women for 40 years—from the 1920s through the 1960s.
    • In 1968 she opened ‘Ann Lowe Originals’ on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, the first African American owned business in the center of American fashion.

A few of her dresses are on display at The Smithsonian African American History and Culture, and the MET. Click here for more on Lowe. 


Benefits of getting dressed up just because. 

1. You notice new things about yourself. 

As I was getting dolled up for this MuseumMonday, I noticed a few new beauty marks, hair color changes, and other little things that I may have missed if I didn't take the time to get dressed up.

2. It's fun.

Turning on your favorite tunes and trying on clothes for a mini fashion show releases serotonin, a.k.a, the happy chemical that your brain releases to trigger that happy feeling.

3. It's a workout.

Piggybacking from benefit number 2; while you're listening to your favorite tunes, you'll most likely be moving your body. You're getting your steps and cardio in. Work it, sis!

4. It gives you a chance to declutter.

Swiping through your closet while trying to find that perfect outfit gives a chance to see what's being worn and what's not. It's a great Salvation Army opportunity. 

5. Confidence booster.

When I look good, I feel good, and when I feel good, I get motivated to things. Whether that's taking the in-house fashion show to the streets by going to a cafe to do work or grocery shop, my outfit encouraged it.

Cheers to Ann Cole Lowe, the historical fashion designer that spoke to my inner diva.

Happy Women’s History Month



Get dressed up to sit on the sofa; I promise you'll love it. 


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