I’m Addicted to Stationery: Sorry, not Sorry.

“I debated writing an educational post, but sometimes I simply want to write how I feel.” I made this statement in my “She just decided to believe in herself.” blog post, and it renders true for this post as well. This post is all about my feelings towards new notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and all of the lovely pieces that fall under stationery.

What is it about a new journal that gets me going? I know it’s not just me that gets so motivated by these precious bound pieces of paper. I feel like I can take over the world with my journal and pen in hand. A sense of calmness takes over when I walk down the stationery aisle. Life calms down as my eyes glaze over the 25 pack of highlighters. Do you want to know what’s really crazy? I find a new and creative justification for every new piece of stationery I purchase. For example, that 25 pack of highlighters that I was eyeballing like it stole my lunch money was purchased and justified by the “new writing outline I’m going to develop in the future.” What is wrong with me, you guys?

Don’t leave me hanging; I know someone can relate. Comment below and let me know how do new journals and stationery motivates you.

Here’s an ode to new journals; they deserve it. They help me get things done!

As I open the journal, the spine breaks and cracks.
Your pages will catch every drawback, setback, and comeback.
The smell of your freshly lined paper fill my nostrils with a crisp breeze.
My pen seizes the moment to glide over your sheets with ease, and
the urge to conquer and set sail for the new goals ahead
takeover and take charge—to spread its many lists of to-do’s and to don’ts.
To my new journals, I owe you much success.
You hold my schemes, daydreams, and many other things.
You keep my secrets sheltered without a hint of mistrust.
To new journals, thank you for the courage you give me to succeed.
Have you checked out the journals in the Museum Shop? The Daydreams, Schemes, and Other Things is my favorite!

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