Meet The Historical Dream Team

You guys, I was so excited about this week's Museum Monday's post; it's all about History and the dead people I love reading about. So, buckle up for a blast from the past!

I finally watched the Back to the Future trilogy (I know, I'm late to the party). The point is, I can finally cross these movies off the list of assumed books and movies that people credit you for just because you're a nerd. I'm not sure what sparked the binge of these movies. Maybe I am subconsciously running away from 2020.

Jennifer, Marty, and Doc traveling to the year 2015 is what really inspired this blog post. I literally laughed out loud at the scene because of the intense futuristic nature. I also couldn't help but wonder, where is my freaking flying car and hoverboard? How Steven Spielberg imagined 2015 in the ’80s, is probably how we currently imagine the year 3000. I guess we're doing ok in 2020 since we have hoverboards on wheels. This scene got me thinking, what if I could go back in time and bring back historical figures. How would they perform in 2020? What would they think? Who would I bring?

This is my Historical Dream Team for getting society back on track; a few are figures I would totally nerd out if I ever got a chance to meet. So, cue the 1997 Chicago Bulls introduction theme music, and let's meet the team!

Ms. Mary Edmonia Lewis

(July 4, 1844 - Sept. 17, 1907)

How cool is it to share a Birthday with a 19th-century Black sculptor. Edmonia Lewis spent most of her career in Rome. Recently discovered academic records show that she studied French, drawing, Latin, and more. Unfortunately, Lewis was the victim of a violent hate crime and was forbidden to register for her last term, which prevented her from graduating. Ms. Lewis is a part of this dream team because despite the unjust treatment she received for her "untraditional" passion, she persisted and created beautiful works of art, such as the twelve-foot Death of Cleopatra sculpture. Interesting fact, Lewis is also known by her Chippewa Indian name, "Wildfire." I relate to "Wildlife" and her story. I would love to commend her for following her passion.

Ms. Anna Julia Cooper

(Aug. 10, 1858 - Feb. 27, 1964)

Ms. Anna J. Cooper was an educator and author, well known for A Voice from the South: By a Black Woman of the South. This book was beyond its era. It can be considered the first Womanist literature published by an African American. Cooper earned a Ph.D. in History...Disclaimer, her history degree is not the only reason why she's on my dream team. Cooper's entire academic career is what landed her on the team; she was a brainiac! At age c.65, she received her Doctorate from Sorbonne in Paris, in 1924. She wrote her dissertation in French! Impressive. Who doesn't need a brainiac on their team? I feel she was also an assertive and firm woman, all traits that I admire. She served as the principal at M Street High School in Washington, D.C., where she advocated for college preparatory courses versus the favored vocational education for African Americans during that time. She lived to be 105 years old.

Mr. Alexandre Dumas

(July 24, 1802 - Dec. 5, 1870) 

In case you didn't know, I'm an adventurer and slightly daredevil-ish, so The Three Musketeers is one of my favorite classics. Dumas is a part of the dream team because of his shock factor. A lot of folks are unaware that Dumas is of African descent. His father, General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, is honored as one of the highest-ranking men of African descent to lead a European Army. So, I would love to meet Mr. Alexandre Dumas to get my classic editions of The Three Musketeers signed, and to get a good look at that afro!☺️


Ms. Anna Pauline “Pauli” Murray

(Nov. 20, 1910 - July 1, 1985)

First, let me say that Ms. Pauli Murray is from my hometown, Baltimore, Maryland. This is huge because Baltimore has such a bad reputation, so anytime a beauty from Baltimore is doing great things, they must be highlighted to help change the narrative. Murray earned a Law degree from The University of California and became California's first African American deputy attorney general. I can go on and on about the many organizations Ms. Murray has founded and co-founded, but I will let you fulfill that curiosity bug. Her dedicated activism to the progression of African Americans landed her on my dream team.

Dr. Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown

(Known Years Visited: 1885, 1955, 1985, 1985A, 2015) 

For some reason, I feel the judgment as some of you've read the final member of the team; let me explain. Dr. Brown was not only a Genius, but he was crazy as well. Crazy is not always a bad thing. You need a little crazy here and there. He was also very motivating of Marty whenever Marty threw a wrench in the plans. We all need a Dr. Brown in our corner to find the bright side of things when we can't seem to find any. Doc’s positive and crazy energy is definitely allowed on this dream team! Oh, and his favorite author is Jules Verne; I love Jules Verne! Dr. Brown and I would have gotten along great; I just know it.


 I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. This is not the last time you'll see Tellie Tsmooth! She'll be chilling with Marty McFly and Doc till next time!


Who would you bring back in your Time Machine? I'm so curious! 


Spend your time wisely. Only do the things you want. We can move forward, but we can not move backward in time.



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