A Letter To Fall

Tomorrow marks the first day of Fall! Yah! Although this is usually the busiest time for Museums due to school field trips, education opportunities, etc. It's still my favorite season. I am over the Summer of 2020! I'm ready for the autumn breeze to caress my cheeks romantically and it’s calming embrace to encompass my mind and body. Saturday was 66°, with a cool breeze flowing through my window screens. Instead of getting excited about Spring cleaning, my excitement excels when it comes to what I call a Fall Refresh. In other words, I get my life together. I return to packing my lunch versus eating out. I fold my clothes right after I do the laundry. I cook dinner!!! It's like the calm, cool aura that Fall brings allows me to reset. Even the walk to my car is slower. My taste buds change as well; I begin to crave the hefty taste of eggnog and apple cider's crisp tartness. May I add that, I dress super cute this time of the year!

Under normal circumstances, I visit multiple museums around this time. Some museum visits are new, and some are repeated because even though the gallery hasn’t changed, I have changed—my perspective changes. I'll look at a painting that I may have gazed upon a thousand times before, but this time I may notice a unique brush stroke, or a hidden flower in the background. I always take a stroll through The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore around this time, but I’m not sure that will happen this season. I have plenty of small and local bookstores to mosey through. That’ll get me through until I can make a trip to Baltimore.  I don’t mind I escaping from the world with my books and supporting a small business in the process as I wait. 

I took advantage of Fall’s grand opening weekend by pulling out my favorite Chunky cardigan and cuddling up with a new thriller book. I even wrote a letter to Fall.

If by now you're not motivated to take a walk outside, ride your bike, or support your local book shop, then I don't know what to tell ya, other than you're missing out on a chance to reset. If you can experience what Fall has to offer, take advantage of it. She's calming yet exciting. Daring yet reserved. Mysterious yet straightforward. Man, I'm on a roll! Seriously, autumn has a lot to offer. Stop and push the reset button. 


I am writing this blog in a lovely coffee shop that I’ve missed. Yet, still, I would rather be home.

Are you a Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer Lover? 

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